Dining Guide for Sharon

Discover delicious foods near Sharon, Massachusetts.

All restaurants within 30 minutes of Sharon, MA. Organized alphabetically by cuisine.


Smokehouse BBQ, 917 Washington Street, Norwood, MA. Holy smokes, this nondescript carryout counter serves the best barbecue meats around. The three sliders are a great value, letting you try brisket, pulled chicken, and pulled pork, all of which are excellent. The St. Louis ribs are fall-off-the-bone perfect. Put the delicious homemade sauces on everything, especially the "hot" sauce which is not actually hot but smoky and flavorful. Highly recommended.

Commonwealth BBQ, 659 South Street, Wrentham, MA. A brick-and-mortar barbecue stand, rare for Massachusetts. Sheltered outdoor picnic seating. Order the ribs, brisket, and pulled pork and you are in good hands. The collard greens are exceptional and the baked beans and cucumber sides are also very good. Skip the chicken meats, which lack flavor and are too similar to each other. Be advised food here is expensive, and ribs must be ordered separately.

Morrell's BBQ, 930 Turnpike Street, Canton, MA. Morrell's is a food truck with an elaborate barbecue setup and outdoor picnic area. The pulled chicken is sweet, juicy, and a good order. The pulled pork and St. Louis ribs are decent but not as good as Smokehouse's. Sides and cornbread here are unremarkable.

Tennessee’s Real BBQ Real Fast, 173 Pearl Street, Braintree, MA. Tennessee's has excellent cornbread, soft and fresh. The baked beans with green peppers are a good side order. The barbecue meats are hit or miss. The Memphis ribs are meaty and rich. The Dixie chicken is decent. The pulled pork is mush, drowned in too much barbecue sauce.


Corner Café, 945 Washington Street, Stoughton, MA. Big fluffy pancakes. Delicious eggs and hash browns. An authentic diner experience with regulars at the counter, white-aproned waitresses filling coffee mugs, and cooks griddling in open view. Best value breakfast in the area. Highly recommended.

The Farmer’s Daughter, 122 Main Street, Easton, MA. An impressive high-end brunch restaurant. Always packed and doesn't accept reservations. The best eggs hollandaise I’ve ever had top their signature dish of chicken, waffles, and bacon. Any dish with eggs will be a winner. Some special creations to be found here.

Sixties Diner, 1210 Providence Highway, Norwood, MA. Adults and children both enjoy this excellent diner. Attentive service, fun sixties decor, and a solid menu. Light flavorful omelets, homemade hash browns, and perfect pancakes topped with homemade whipped cream make this a smart family pick.

Wagon Wheel Diner, 384 South Main Street, Sharon, MA. One of the most beautiful diners I’ve seen. The omelets are okay. Wheat bread nicely toasted with butter. Hash browns hard and dry.

Zaftig’s Delicatessen, 335 Harvard Street, Brookline, MA. Non-negotiable is the Zaftig Combo, which gets you a kugel, a cheese blintz, a potato pancake, and a potato knish. Delish. Meals come with baked bagel chips and an herbed cream cheese dip, which is even better than it sounds. “World famous” matzo ball soup is meh.


Cap't Loui, 250 Granite Street, Braintree, MA. Bring a group of friends to this fun seafood boil restaurant. Expect to get messy. Go in on a combo together to rack up free sides and try lots of different seafoods. The shrimp, crawfish, and mussels are all good, and sausage as a side is a no-brainer. Don't be afraid order medium heat, which is not particularly spicy. I strongly recommend asking to go easy on the garlic, which otherwise is very heavy-handed.

Legal Sea Foods, 30 Forbes Road, Braintree, MA. This is only a review of one dish. In an area with scant few Cajun options, Legal Sea Foods surprisingly offers gumbo on its “experimental” menu. The gumbo is rich with okra, andouille sausage, and your choice of chicken or shrimp. Try it.


Sichuan Gourmet Sharon, 388 South Main Street, Sharon, MA. Alongside American Chinese fare is more authentic Sichuan cuisine, some of which can be very spicy. The cashew chicken is particularly good. I also like the Yu Xiang sauce dishes. Old Sichuan chicken was very hot and dry. The eggplant and Sichuan green beans are tasty vegetarian options. Everyone should be able to find something they enjoy here.

Ming Du, 657 Washington Street, Stoughton, MA. One of the better American Chinese restaurants in the area with all the dishes you expect. The combos include a non-vegetarian American egg roll. Sometimes you just need a good egg roll.

Alice’s Mandarin Taste, 37 Pond Street, Sharon, MA. Familiar American Chinese food offerings, conveniently in the center of Sharon. I like their chicken or beef with broccoli. Larger portions and heavier with oil than Sichuan Gourmet.


Kosmos, 944 Main St, Walpole, MA. A super-cool Greek restaurant with beautiful shaded patio in the back. Start with the trio of dips and build a meal around it. Best tzatziki I’ve ever had. Sweet, smooth, and swimming in olive oil. The authentic Greek salad carries a giant block of seasoned feta. The lamb meatballs on tomato sauce were also excellent and filling. Entrees aren’t necessary here, there are so many excellent appetizers to combine. If you do order an entrée, know that they are enormous and shareable by multiple people.

The Feisty Greek, 38 Vanderbilt Avenue, Norwood, MA. Best carryout Greek food in the area. The Greek dressing is the star attraction. Put it on everything. The kabob and shawarma plates are good choices. For sides, the American Greek salad, Greek hummus, lemon potatoes, and grape leaves are all good. It’s difficult to go wrong here.

Taso's Euro Cafe, 125 Access Road, Norwood, MA. Not pan-European but proudly Greek, and not a cafe but a diner, quirkiness abounds at Taso's. Hand-written signs and specials are everywhere. A sit-down restaurant with family style cooking. Everything on the plate is fresh, made from scratch, from the souvlaki to the pita bread and even the green beans. Meals come with a nice American Greek salad. They also have an authentic Greek salad - enormous at 2.5 pounds - I weighed it. Leave room for their huge homemade pastries menu. Or watch the planes take off from the airport next door with their baklava ice cream. It has real baklava in it!


Oasis Carribean Cuisine,487 Washington Street, Norwood, MA. The baked chicken is phenomenal, flavorful and juicy. I also like the okra with beef in tomato broth, which has just the right amount of spice. Entrees have enough rice and beans to feed an army. I would have liked more chicken and less rice. Fried plantains and mac and cheese are good sides here. Closes at six, so pick up early!


Poke Bros., 127 University Avenue, Westwood, MA. You get the most with their signature poke bowls, which are excellent. Avocado, seaweed salad, scallions, sushi rice, and an assortment of sauces complimented each other on my Da Kine tuna bowl. You can also build your own bowl from a selection of add-ins. Highly recommend this high-quality poke joint.

Poke Bowl, 95 Washington Street, Canton, MA. Conveniently located in Cobb Corner. Fully customizable poke bowls with tons of fresh ingredients leave little for complaint. It's fun that many signature bowls include more than one type of fish. The salmon and tuna are both good here. Or there are cooked options for those who prefer. Bubble tea here is also popular.

Pokemoto, 1250 South Washington Street, Attleboro, MA. The enormous selection of add-ins let you to customize your poke bowl anyway you like. I like the miso salmon with edamame, sweet onions, mango, and ogo seaweed. Light and sweet. Maybe skip the garlic chips, which can be overpowering. There is also boba tea and spam musubi if you're so inclined.


Norwood Spice, 655 Washington Street, Norwood, MA. Generous portions and satisfying sauces make this Indian restaurant tops for the area. The winning-est dish for me is the chicken korma, with creamy curry and huge chunks of white meat chicken. Lamb or chicken tikka masala is a close second. The garlic basil naan they offer is interesting but not a necessary order. I recommend "medium" spice level here, which infuses these dishes with just the right amount of heat.

1947 Norwood, 997 Boston Providence Highway, Norwood, MA. An impressive authentically Indian restaurant. The tandoori, Andhara, and chicken tikka masala dishes are all good. Some interesting Indo-Chinese offerings as well, like Singapore Street Noodles. The garlic naan is fluffy and tasty and worth the order. Be advised some of the “medium” dishes can be atomically spicy. Order “mild” if you don't enjoy a high heat level.

Minerva Indian Cuisine,500 Boston Providence Highway, Norwood, MA. The generous lunch buffet draws people from far and wide. There is also dinner service in this low-key restaurant with a friendly vibe. A large menu of chicken and lamb dishes. The chicken tikka masala isn't my favorite. I do enjoy the lamb plates, like the lamb curry and rogan josh, ample in lamb portion, spiciness, and flavor.

Curry Leaf, 29 Washington Street, Foxboro, MA. Customize any pairing of sauce with lamb, poultry, or paneer. Entrees are a bit smaller than I would like. The tikka masala and korma sauces are a good "medium" spice level but not as flavorful as elsewhere. Naan is excellent here and a good value. The basmati rice is generous and also very good.

Coriander Indian Bistro, 5 Post Office Square, Sharon, MA. Some strong vegetarian entrees here, like the saag paneer and malai kofta. Less so the non-vegetarian dishes, like the butter chicken, chicken tandoori, and chicken tikka masala. I like the mulligatawny soup, samosas, and other vegetarian appetizers. The vegetarian special for two is a good order. Convenient central location in Sharon.


Vico Ristorante Italiano, 89 Central Street, Norwood, MA. Vico is a must-go. The authentic Caesar salad is best in the area. Table comes with rustic Italian bread and olive oil. There were not one, not two, but five chef’s specials, all of which sounded phenomenal. The Bolognese chef's special was one of the best meals I’ve had. Piping-hot delicious. Vico is also a good value and would be fair at twice the price.

Cafe Assisi, 667 South Street, Wrentham, MA. This bespoke bistro came highly recommended by readers. The menu offers a variety of enticing chicken and ravioli dishes. Start with the half-portion Caesar salad, made right with authentic dressing and anchovies. The pasta e fagioli soup is skippable and not worth the price. I liked the chicken scarpariello, made from scratch with sausage and sauteed vegetables. Also good was the pasta with a sweet and light marinara sauce.

La Familia, 520 Foundry Street, Easton, MA. Nice place to take your familia. Their seafood dishes are best. Also offers American Italian fare like chicken parm, veal, and pasta. The Italian bread and garlic oil before the meal are nice. Large kids menu. Prices reasonable. Something for everyone.

Spumoni’s, 1537 Newport Avenue, Pawtucket, RI. Casual American Italian food. Enormous portions are the major draw. The seafood here is satisfying, particularly the baked seafood platter and the baked scrod. The chicken marsala is rich and filling.


Right Taste Jamaican Restaurant, 354 Washington Street, Stoughton, MA. I really enjoyed the curry chicken and - what else - the jerk chicken. Curry chicken is mild. The jerk chicken and rice and beans are the right level of spicy. Everything is flavorful. The chicken is extremely juicy and falls nicely off the bones. Variety of meal sizes with generous portions.


Yamato Hibachi and Sushi, 1200 Boston-Providence Turnpike, Norwood, MA. The best hibachi joint around. Delicious mixed vegetables. Shrimp and scallops are good hibachi choices. Food is flavorful with teriyaki, garlic, and lemon and perfectly cooked. Yamato is packed for dinner and a popular venue for birthdays. Yamato also has a good sushi menu. The sake don is my favorite in the area.

Hao Sushi, 70 Central Street, Foxboro, MA. This low-key restaurant has solid sushi. I like it. Rolls are light, fresh, and well prepared. Attentive service. Good special rolls here, like the magical roll, and a nice maki lunch combo with soup and salad.

Four Season Japanese Cuisine, 15 Park Street, Attleboro, MA. High quality sushi. Smaller but quite good maki rolls. An excellent value sushi lunch combo here, which comes with both a nice house salad and a miso soup.

Mizuya Japanese Cuisine, 663 Washington Street, Norwood, MA. A great dine-in restaurant for sushi. The tuna tataki appetizer was beautifully arranged and very tasty. A solid selection of maki and chef specialty rolls. Good quality Japanese salads. Highly recommended.

Masa Hibachi, 315 Morse Street, Norwood, MA. Perhaps a fancier hibachi restaurant than Yamato with better service and some uncommon options like lamb and Chilean seabass. While Masa is pleasant, I prefer Yamato overall for better flavor and larger portions. Pay more and receive less was my biggest takeaway here.

Shino, 620 Washington Street, Easton, MA. Quality sushi at a steep price point. The sashimi assortments and the specialty rolls, like the rainbow roll and caterpillar roll, are fresh-tasting and beautifully created. I do struggle with the value proposition here.

Susu Sushi, 408 Washington Street, Stoughton, MA. All-you-can-eat Japanese restaurant with a huge selection of included items. Sushi quality is okay. The salmon and tuna were the best rolls, especially the salmon hand roll, which was very good. There was too much mayo on some rolls that didn’t require it. I didn’t like any of the included all-you-can-eat items beside the sushi, but it was fun to try them all.

Takara, 538 Washington Street, Canton, MA. A popular sushi restaurant with a great location. Plates finely arranged with quality ingredients. Downsides are the steep price point, small portions, and service that leaves much to be desired.

Chinatown Stoughton, 103 Sharon Street, Stoughton, MA. This entry is not mislabeled. Chinatown has a sushi menu. Generous maki rolls. The salmon avocado and sweet potato rolls are some of the best I’ve had. There is a pretty good sake don for sashimi lovers, although Yamato’s is better. I don’t vouch for anything except the sushi menu here.


Zayde's Market, 15 Washington Street, Canton, MA. Local kosher communities depend on Zayde's for their meats, cheeses, desserts and other specialty items. At its deli counter, the market offers premade meal items, which often are my lunch. They also offer pop-up dinners available for takeout. Look for their chicken piccata, teriyaki chicken, barbecue turkey tips, and fried rice, which are all must-trys. The tuna salad is excellent and comes with or without cranberries and walnuts.

Rami's, 324 Harvard Street, Brookline, MA. The pita pockets here are legendary for delicious kosher ingredients. The falafel and chicken pockets, stuffed with tahini, hummus, and cucumber and tomato salad, have gotten pricey recently but still warrant a purchase whenever in the area.


Sombrero’s Mexican Restaurant, 95 Washington Street, Canton, MA. Probably the best Mexican food in the area. Tasty enchiladas, tacos, fajitas, and quesadillas. Generous portions. Complimentary chips and salsa. I appreciate the combo meals, which allow you to choose multiple items.

Avocados Mexican Cuisine, 809 Washington Street, Stoughton, MA. Decent Mexican food with all the standard fare. Not bad, but I prefer Sombrero’s for flavor and for value.

Middle Eastern

Angel’s Café, 3 Post Office Square, Sharon, MA. Angel's impressive offerings make it the centerpiece of Sharon. The hummus and Mediterranean salad are two standout dishes that go perfectly together. Served with fluffy Sharonna's pita bread. For sandwiches, the caprese and falafel are both excellent with off-beat delicious ingredients. Roasted cauliflower also a good choice. It’s difficult to go wrong at Angel’s.

Byblos, 678 Washington Street, Norwood, MA. Delicious dine-in Lebanese food. The many different meats that come on the grill plate are excellent. Maybe the best falafel in the area, light and flavorful. Hummus is also good. Highly recommended.

Thyme, 515 Washington Street, Canton, MA. Thyme has the best fattoush salad around, and it isn't close. Heavy with herbs, spices, and lemon, the way fattoush should be. The best plate is the chicken shawarma, which is juicy and light, not barky like other shawarmas. Don’t be afraid to substitute items: rice for fries, fattoush for regular salad, hummus for garlic sauce, and so on. I order extra fattoush dressing and put it on everything. Fattoush, fattoush, fattoush.

Lawadessa, 757 West Center Street, West Bridgewater, MA. Love their chicken and beef shawarma plates. Maybe the best shawarma in the area. A special tahini sauce tops everything and is phenomenal. The side salad is forgettable, but the side hummus is very good. Worth a stop if you're in the area.

Sticks & Stones, 514 High Plain Street, Walpole, MA. The oven-baked pots here are very strong dishes, sweet and flavorful. The hummus bowls are also consistently good, whether you get the chicken shawarma, beef shawarma, or roasted cauliflower. The tabouli that comes with them is a bit much, so I substitute fattoush instead. The large garlic bread with meals is sometimes excellent, sometimes can be burned. The grilled meat plates on burgul wheat are also good if you’re looking for something heavier.

Simcha, 370 South Main Street, Sharon, MA. Some of their signature dishes are quite good. Order whatever hummus is on the menu. The chickpea and white bean hummuses are both strong and come with some of the best pita I’ve had anywhere. The Yemenite chicken, while pricey, is an interesting variation on fried chicken. The best dish is the fried Brussels sprouts, which is loaded heavy with feta, garlic, and tahini and a meal in its own right.

Habibi’s Middle Eastern Kitchen, 11 South Washington Street North, Attleboro, MA. A nice dine-in Middle Eastern restaurant. Fancier than the carryout places, less fancy than Byblos. Excellent hummus that comes with cheap store-bought pita, which is a shame. Tasty shawarma and kabob rice dishes. The grape leaves are very good. Fattoush is okay.

To Beirut, 15 Cottage Street East, Norwood, MA. Reliable carryout shawarma and kabobs. Chicken shawarma is their best plate. Fattoush, hummus, and falafel okay but not as great as others in the area.

Gyro & Kebab House, 1275 Boston Providence Highway, Norwood, MA. The hummus is phenomenal. Authentic, delicious Middle East hummus. Get it to go. All their chicken dishes are dry and bland. I tried them all. Bulgur wheat is also dry and bland. The plates do come with a nice shepherd salad.


Neko’s of New York, 111 Sharon Street, Stoughton, MA. Neko's boasts slices “as big as your head”. Fact check: true. Among the best lunch values in the area. A good New York Italian slice by any standard.

Town Spa, 1119 Washington Street, Stoughton, MA. A Stoughton institution. One of the best bar pizzas in the area. Large American Greek salads. This is your grandpappy’s restaurant. Booths, wood panels, Keno playing on TVs. They don’t accept credit cards because of course they don’t.

Mario’s Trattoria, 260 Washington Street, Easton, MA. Mario's pizza came highly suggested by readers. It's certainly one of the best thin-crust Italian pizzas in the area. Light, fresh, and very tasty. I like it. Highly recommended.

West Napoli Pizza, 1946 Centre Street, West Roxbury, MA. Delicious big-slice Italian pizza. The two-slices-and-soda special is an attractive lunch option. There is also an impressive Greek salad with delicious dressing and pita bread. Okay subs.

Lovely Pizza, 29 Bird Street, Foxboro, MA. Best large pizza carry-out deal in the area when you order online. And a lovely cheese pizza to boot. Simple, light, and flavorful.

Papa Gino’s Pizzeria, 319 Washington Street, Stoughton, MA. A local chain, many say Papa Gino’s has some of the best thin-slice Italian pizza around. I agree. Papa Gino’s hasn’t sacrificed on fresh ingredients like the larger national chains. The cheese breadsticks with marinara sauce are phenomenal and a must-try. Don’t order anything except pizza or breadsticks.

Carriage House Pizza, 21 South Main Street, Sharon, MA. A decent Greek pizza joint and nice place to hang out. The chicken gyro sub and Caesar salad here are okay.

Pizza Market, 376 South Main Street, Sharon, MA. Another decent Greek pizza joint. I tried all of the subs and recommend sticking to the pizza.

Stone L’Oven Pizza Co., 8 Washington Street, Canton, MA. Interesting mainly for its off-beat Neapolitan pizzas, like fig and sweet potato. The cheese and margherita pizzas are greasy and lack flavor. Stone L'Oven does have one of the better grilled chicken Caesar salads in the area.


Fresh Catch, 30 Chauncy Street, Mansfield, MA. The clam cakes and stuffed quahog appetizers are excellent. All the fried-food-fan favorites can be found on the large menu. Some good baked seafood plates like the bourbon salmon and baked haddock. Lots of cheap lunch and early bird specials here allow you to try a variety of different plates. Bundle up, it's frigid inside!


Market Basket, 352 West Center Street, Bridgewater, MA. The grill at Market Basket supermarkets cooks the best hoagie subs. Largest, cheapest, best. I will brook no argument on the subject after a five-year search. The Philadelphia-style steak and cheese sub and the shaved chicken and cheese sub are phenomenal. Cooked hot and properly on an open griddle with green peppers, mushrooms, and onions. Get them with provolone cheese. Order ahead of time as it takes a full 20 minutes to slow-cook these sandwiches.

The Good Food Store and Deli, 413 High Plain Street, Walpole, MA. A popular spot for lunchtime pickup. This cute counter serves filling deli-style sandwiches with lightning-fast prep. I recommend one of their chicken cutlet sandwiches, which are lightly breaded and thick with white meat chicken. Good orders are the Blackjack Cutlet Club and the Chicken Cordon Bleu.

Lunch Box Deli, 859 Boston Providence Highway, Norwood, MA. The main attraction is the Italian sub, which is best in the area. Generous, fresh, and tasty with the perfect amount of hots. Other subs like their roast beef and the chicken wraps aren't as satisfying. Fast preparation is a plus.


Nisa’s Thai, 622 Washington Street, Canton, MA. One of the best Thai restaurants around. You can’t go wrong ordering one of the delicious curries. I tried all of them and felt the panang curry was very best. The pineapple fried rice is a treasure trove of chicken, shrimp, egg, and lots of other goodies, and is another excellent order.

Yai’s Kitchen, 63 East Main Street, Norton, MA. Many in Sharon came to know Yai’s by its local pop-ups and a former food truck. There is now a brick-and-mortar location in Norton. Some of the best green curry around, made with fresh garden Thai vegetables. The cashew chicken is a flavor-punch and also top-notch. Yai’s food is always best when prepared by Chef Renu herself. Follow her on social media to catch appearances at events around Sharon.

Ruk Mae, 1788 Washington Street, Stoughton, MA. Well prepared American Thai food. Consistent quality and fresh ingredients, although the flavors don’t wow me as much as Yai’s or Nisa’s.

Apsara Palace, 783 Hope Street Providence, RI. Best nime chow fresh rolls...anywhere? The peanut sauce with the nime chow is beyond belief and goes well on everything. For entrees, try the lemongrass chicken or tofu, or the chicken with broccoli, which has a light and distinctive sauce. Dine-in meals come with complimentary hot tea. A must-stop when in Rhode Island.


Crescent Ridge, 407 Bay Road, Sharon, MA. A Sharon mainstay. Crescent Ridge serves melty delicious ice cream from its large outdoor stand. Mega-loaded with jimmies. Portions are larger than the sizes might suggest. The banana split is excellent, and there is a pretty good root beer float.

GoFresh Cafe, 364 South Main Street, Sharon, MA. Big berry smoothies in a bright space to enjoy them. Acai bowls for lunch. Or a shake with peanut butter or whey protein after a gym workout. I enjoyed my mixed berry smoothie, which was bright, flavorful, and carefully prepared in stages with loads of nutritious ingredients.

Daddy’s Dairy, 987 Central Street, Stoughton, MA. Chocolate-dipped soft serve and ice cream cookie sandwiches are two compelling reasons to stop here. Pretty good banana splits and other sundaes. A wider range of products than Crescent Ridge, although I prefer Crescent Ridge’s ice cream.

Hilliard’s, 316 Main Street, Easton, MA. One counter sells homemade fudge, another sells ice cream in an assortment of ornate waffle cones. Buy your chocolate gifts at Hilliard’s. You’ll find what you’re looking for here.

Furlong's Candies & Ice Cream,1355 Boston Providence Highway, Norwood, MA. No-frills outdoor ice cream counter with a nice candy shop inside. Large selection of fresh chocolate boxes. Big ice cream scoops stuffed with whole Oreos, pistachios, cookie dough pieces, or chocolate chips.

Scoops, 761 Main Street, Walpole, MA. A quaint little outdoor ice cream stand. Not a huge number of flavors but decent sundaes. A nice picnic seating area overlooking Main Street. Within walking distance of Kosmos (hint hint).

The Alchemist Baker, 563 Washington Street, Canton, MA. Jumbo-sized scones here in an assortment of flavors, covered in delicious frosting. The custom Italian buttercream cakes might set you back a pretty penny but are a draw at any function.

Gregg’s, 1303 North Main Street, Providence, RI. Gregg's award-winning chocolate layer cake warrants special mention. It's one of the best chocolate cakes available. Spring for the extra layers and chocolate morsels on the “Death by Chocolate” upgrade.


The Farmer in the Dell, 935 East Street, Walpole, MA. Mandatory are the banh mi sandwiches, pork or chicken lemongrass. Fresh, crisp, and packing flavor. The Vietnamese fresh rolls with peanut sauce are also good. The other sandwiches and salads here are respectable, but the Vietnamese fare is best. Don’t bother with any of the add-on sides.

Pho 29, 645 Washington Street, Canton, MA. Some of the best beef pho I’ve had. Hot, delicious, and filling. I recommend the beef flank and the eye round. In good faith, I can’t recommend bringing company here. The place is a dump. Order your pho to go.

Banh Mi Oi, 8 Wall Street, Foxboro, MA. Pretty good banh mi sandwiches, but not as good as The Farmer in the Dell. Offers some interesting American banh mi creations, like Nashville hot chicken or barbecue beef. Convenient carryout counter.